Apprentice Reflects on time at Red Recruit

Red Recruit strongly believes in helping people to grow in their chosen career paths, this is why we had to get involved with the apprenticeship scheme. Charlie Taylor, one of Red Recruit's many apprentices has completed her apprenticeship and is now moving on to continue her growth towards her dream career.

Before Charlie left, we sat down to ask her a few questions in regards to her experience working with Red and her apprenticeship program:

What division were you working in?

While working at Red I was working within the Global Mobility division.

What were your tasks?

My time at Red consisted of being trained to complete many tasks including admin tasks such as: database cleansing, updating client and contact details, NCV's and ECV's. I have also been show how to book 1st interviews and send confirmations to candidates, send job specifications and ATS'. I have been lucky enough to have tried everything at least once as well as even speaking to my own candidate about an offer!

Tell us about your experience at Red?

I have enjoyed being a part of a very welcoming team while I have been at Red. From the very offset everyone has been so lovely and always treated me as part of the team just as much as everybody else, they have been getting me involved as much as possible. I have not only been able to work with wonderful colleagues but have also gained friendships which is a bonus to my time here! I was offered a great opportunity by Red which developed into a great experience which will not be forgotten. It is such a shame to be leaving but I want to thank you all for the time and opportunities you have given to me.

What have you learnt whilst you have been here?

My time at Red has taught me many skills that will definitely be useful as I progress through life. From the small tasks like completing NCV's and ECV's to being trained in how to confidently talk to candidates, everything has developed my skills further. I will leave Red confidently knowing how to professionally deal with people via email and phone as well as basic admin tasks that will come in handy with future jobs.

What have you most enjoyed whilst you've been at Red?

It is a known fact within the team that my favourite part of work is completing NCV's and I am always up for being sent as many as possible! I have particulary enjoyed the lovely atmosphere between everyone on a day to day basis, and adore how much support and encouragement is spread between everyone within the office. Achievements are always congratulated by everyone and it is so nice to see everyone proud and happy for one another.

What did you least enjoy?

I least enjoyed fussy candidates, and candidates who declined offers after everyone's hard work, but without these candidates our jobs wouldn't be as interesting and we wouldn't have anything to congratulate each other on when we did succeed in a placement! Recruitment is hard but always a pleaseure as everyday is different and you can never expect what will happen next.

What was it like to start working from school and coming into a place of work like Red?

Coming from a school/college environment into a working environment was at first very challenging as I had to get used to working longer hours everyday, but I enjoyed being busy and getting used to the working environment. Having my first proper working position at Red has made me realise how lucky I am to have landed such a wonderful position as it has not only taught me many skills, which will come in useful for future positions, but it has also given me more skills which will be used in my day to day life. I thought it would be easy to do simple tasks such as talking to people over the phone before I joined Red, however, I have faced challenges while being here, which has shown me how to deal with particular situations in the best way possible, and has given me the confidence to no longer worry or struggle with people via phone or in person.

Everyone here at Red would like to wish Charlie all the luck in the world and we're going to miss you very much! Thank you for all your hard work while here and we hope you succeed on your new career path.