Staff Retention

What you need to know
Image of unhappy and happy staff member

Employees are the lifeblood of your business, but in today's competitive world there's always the worry you may lose them. But how do you keep hold of something so vital? We believe there are 4 key factors you need to invest your efforts in.

1. Recruitment

The first step is to recruit well, it sounds obvious, but recruitment is often overlooked when talking about staff retention. It's about taking on people with the right skills, abilities and experience that want to deploy these in the interests of your business. Train them about the culture of the business; make them proud of the company and their place within it.

2. The Relationship with Management

It's important for your staff to know that management cares about them. Giving them your time with regular meetings and showing a genuine interest by listening and acting upon, goes a long way to having an employee that is appreciative and loyal.

3. The Environment and Facilities

People need to feel comfortable in their environment to perform well. If your staff are sitting down all day make sure you invest in good chairs, if they are running around the warehouse all day make sure they are provided with the right shoes or a relaxing break room. Investing in these simple things are essential to the staff's performance, and staff performing well are happy staff.

We've all experienced sore feet from the wrong shoes or a bad back from the office chair that no one wants, how productive were you on that day?

4. The Perks

Health benefits, team building events, after work drinks and development programmes all have a massive impact on how your employees feel within the company. Whether it's bringing your team closer together or making sure they feel valued, perks are a positive motivation for your staff. You get this right and no one will want to leave.