Creating the perfect CV is very important; an employer will often look through hundreds of CVs a day and will spend an average of 5 - 7 seconds briefly looking over your CV. By following these 8 tips, you will be more likely to succeed in grabbing the employer’s attention.

Be to the Point

Clients do not like waffle, be precise and to the point. When you approach a subject make sure you know what you're talking about, trying to lie your CV is a sure way to get it thrown in the bin.

Address & Contact details at the end of your CV

A simple but important tip. Make sure all of your contact details and address are located at the bottom of your CV and only your name is at the top. With such a short average reading time you don't want it wasted on your contact information, but on the contents.

Be clear on what your expectations are

Make sure you know what you want and be clear about this in your summary. What are you looking to achieve in your new role? Where do you aim to be? How much money are you looking to earn? Be honest, there is no point going through the whole interview process for it to not be what you wanted, wasting both your time and the employers.

List your best attributes under personal statement at the start of your CV

Keeping this list at the start of your CV will mean the employer can quickly find out exactly what you're skilled at and if you're going to be an asset to the company or not. They don't want to have to search through a CV to find this information, they just won't bother looking.

Make your CV user friendly with dates, employers and duties clear and easy to read

Use a simple and clean layout when including information about past and current employment. Use bullet points to list your responsibilities for each role, which the most important at the top each time.

Punctuation and Spelling

Did you know it takes only one spelling / grammar mistake for an employer to throw your CV in the bin. Make use of your computers spell checker. You could even have a family member or friend look over your CV before you send it out.

Try to highlight key Attributes / Experiences

Got something to shout about? Then do it! Highlight any key attributes / experiences that you feel will give you the edge over other candidates. Just make sure they're relevant to the role you're applying for.

Sell yourself!!! Be confident and positive when creating your CV

The final and probably the most important point. Show confidence in your CV and be posititve with everything you write. There is no way to show your true personality through a CV / Resume, so keep it positive, honest and above all, sell yourself!