Knowing what you need

Part One
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As your business grows, so will your need for skilled new team members. Lay down a solid foundation for your search by taking these initial steps in the recruiting process. The first and most fundamental step is to identify your specific wants and needs.

Consider whether you need a permanent or a temporary hire

Depending on your business, you may benefit from the flexibility of hiring an independent contractor, freelancer or working with a temps agency more than hiring a permanent member of staff. You might only need that extra pair of hands for a short period, such as when your staff are overloaded with work during busy periods.

Identify the key requirements

Decide on what essential skills you want to see in the candidate's CV and use these to define the key requirements needed in the role.

Determine the desirables

Now that you have established what essential skills and key requirements you need, choose which desirables you would like your ideal candidate to have, such as any specific qualifications or additional skills.

Define your companies working environment

Take some time to define your companies working environment so you can more appropriately choose people that are going to complement it.

Taking these crucial first steps will provide you with a strong foundation and clear direction for the rest of the recruitment process, now lets keep the ball rolling by Writing a job specification (Coming Soon).

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