Recruiting the Right People for your Global Organisation

My question is – Do you really need to recruit? This may seem a strange question for a recruitment consultant to ask but none the less it is essential that we assist our client and find the best solution for them and not us. Businesses at some point in time will have to recruit new staff, that is fact. Whether this is to replace someone leaving or to undertake a new role within the company or because of changing skill requirements, it is essential to think through what needs of the business are being met by this hire. One thing is for sure, recruiting staff is a costly operation. Planning right from the start can mean a difference to the amount of time, effort and resources used, and can yield a much better recruitment outcome.

From my years of experience I have found that if a company is clear in what needs they are trying to meet or, in other words, what problems are they trying to solve by hiring, it can have a great impact on the quality of the outcome. If a company has no clear idea of why and what skill sets they are looking for the outcome can often end up with a mismatch. It’s not unlike going to do the weekly shop and going to the supermarket without a list, you come out with a basket full of things that you didn’t really plan to and when you go to cook the evening meal, your missing the vital ingredient! So how do you avoid this? There are a number of basic questions that you can ask before you do anything…

•   What problem are you trying to solve?
•   What is the cost to the company if this position is not filled?
•   What are the overall responsibilities?
•   What are the most challenging aspects to this role?
•   What are the least challenging aspects to this role?
•   What is the company culture like?
•   What sort of people fit in?
•   What sort of people don't?

And then ask your team for input, if you want another opinion then ask a recruitment consultant who can guide you through the process. You may find that the person is in fact already in the business and you don’t need to hire, you may find that you don’t need to hire at all as the problem could be solved internally. If, however you do need to hire then draw up a Job Description.

You now have your shopping list.

High quality, experienced staff need to be won. You cannot build an award winning company without them and it pays dividends to start the recruitment process in mind.

What other benefits apart from money does the company offer? And you may be surprised at what attracts new employees to companies apart from money. A big draw is success, ethos, professionalism as well as other benefits such as career development, social events, private medical, staff training, mentoring, study leave and incremental holiday schemes, to name but a few. If you have anything like this then this is something that you should be telling all potential new employees about.

Your recruitment process should then be a process to attract and then identify the best candidates that will not only do the job but also fit the company ethos and bring new skills. But whatever you do always remember, start at the beginning of the recruitment process with the end in mind.

Should you like to have assistance with analysing your recruitment needs as well as Job Descriptions then do not hesitate to for advice from a reputable recruitment consultancy.