Social Media and You

Social Media has been the dominance of the internet for sometime now, if you're not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. people look at you in shock. It is something that people and businesses use every single day, and don't really think much of it when they post on to it, it's the norm.

However, when it comes to looking for a new job, your Facebook could be the thing that costs you that dream career! Did you know that around 68% of employers will successfully find your Facebook page?

The thing is, how do you stop your social media profiles from jeopardising your chance at a new job? Here are some great tips that you should always make sure you abide by:

•   Don't post ANYTHING that you would not say in front of your employer
•   Set your accounts to 'Private' so that anyone who is not your friend cannot view the contents of your profile:

Facebook Security Example
•   You can do this just by going into your settings and selecting 'Privacy'. Here you can change all of your settings and decide who can, and can't view your posts.
•   Make sure you use a smart and presentable profile and cover photo, not one of you drinking during last night's party! No matter what privacy settings you have, they can still see both of these!
•   Ask your closest friends to not post about you, or post any photos during the period that you are looking for a new job.
•   Google yourself. 9/10 times an employer will Google you! Find out if there is anything you would not want them to see, get it removed if there is. Make sure you check the images also. You may surprise yourself with how much about yourself is online.
•   Get yourself on LinkedIn! Fully update it; it's a great network for job hunting. An interactive CV almost

If you stick to these simple tips then you should be absolutely fine when it comes to sending your CV out to employers.

Good Luck!