Have every advantage with a specialist team of recruiters on your side

Finding staff for your business doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. With over 20 years of skills, knowledge and highly experienced consultants in the industry, we find talent that adds value to your business whilst ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process. Saving you a lot of considerable time and money and not to mention lost opportunities as you or your team have been busy going through 100s of CVs.

Our priority is to understand your recruitment goals and how we can help you achieve them. Once we are on the same page, we prepare a shortlist of relevant candidates - all of whom have been screened and interviewed, before we present them to you. We only send a handful of candidates to you. We do not believe in sending large volumes of irrelevant CVs to our clients only handpicked, screened candidates. We liaise and manage at every stage of the process from the initial introduction right through to your soon to be employee first day. Whether you are looking for an individual hire or a whole team, we will take great care to work with your needs and only supply pre-screened and qualified candidates that fit your role and company.

What we bring to the table

- 21 years of recruitment experience.

- Fully trained, highly experienced consultants.

- A large and active data base.

- Access to a pool of relevant candidates that has been built up over 20 years plus that we have heavily invested in year on year. What this means to you, you will benefit from a far bigger gene pool of talented individuals that often are not even looking on the open market and would not apply for a position from expensive advertising. Speed of filling your vacancies is often far quicker as we have immediate access to them

- Processes and procedures at Red that ensure that you receive a very high standard of customer care. Once Red takes on a client we not only appoint a consultant to look after you but also an assistant too so that when one person is off your account is always looked after. We assist our clients with all of their recruitment needs, whether that is fine art shipping, logistics, sales, marketing, Accountancy, H&S, IT, HR we are there for our client and will handle all of our clients recruitment needs.

We take pride in providing a quality service and invest our resources into discovering and nurturing relationships with talented professionals, gaining insights into global job markets. Not only do we advertise on over 150 job sites., we network within the industries, we have online forums and magazines, we exhibit and we have extensive social media presence.

We can assist with

- Individual hires

- Building whole teams from scratch

- Departments

- New branches in new countries

- Plus much much more

For us, being a consultancy means advocating ethical recruitment practices and providing a service founded on honesty and transparency. Let’s build a long-lasting business relationship together.

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