Preparing to Recruit

A Seven Part Article Series

Finding the best new recruits for your growing business is a tough challenge but it's not impossible. We've been doing it for over 15 years and understand the time, energy and techniques it takes.

To help you through some of the more complex stages in the recruitment process we have written this seven part article series, each article will give you a head start with some of the tasks you need to do if you're looking to hire new staff.

What we'll be covering:

Let's get Started ...

Knowing what you need

Part One

As your business grows, so will your need for skilled new team members. Lay down a solid foundation.

Writing a Job Description

Part Two

After understanding the basics of what you need in your new recruit, it's time to start writing up the job...


Part Three

Receiving a large number of CVs sounds like a good thing, that is, until you start the job of sorting them.

Interviewing Candidates

Part Four

As with anything, the key to conducting a successful interview starts with the planning.

Conducting an Interview

Part Five

At the most important stage of the recruitment process, it's easy for you both to feel the pressure.

Writing Offer

Part Six

You've completed the interview process and you're now ready to make an offer to the candidate.

Counter Offer Advice

Part Seven

When your hiring new staff it's always best to presume they will be counter-offered.